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Moisture Tolerant Premium Resin

Guarantee the long lifespan of your driveway, path or patio with our new moisture tolerant premium resin – perfectly formulated for outdoor surfaces across the UK

Perfectly formulated for outdoor surfaces across the UK

Our new moisture tolerant premium resin from leading manufacturer, Vuba Resin Bound Surfacing, is formulated specifically for countries like the UK with high relative ambient humidity and cold temperatures – where your outdoor resin surface is particularly susceptible to the harsh wet weather and humid conditions created by living on an island surrounded by the sea.

At Dultex Home Improvements we’re excited to offer this new two-component technology of aliphatic (UV resistant) polyurethane resin as the binder of stone and rubber, to create resin bound surfaces that are highly hydrophobic – meaning they’re very capable of repelling moisture.

This high level of hydrophobicity means that your driveway, path or patio will see next to no pooling and, store less water in the resin layer which helps to avoid damage from freezing conditions and harsh UK weather.

See the difference for yourself!

The above video demonstrates the moisture tolerance of Vuba’s brand new resin binder, as used in our premium moisture tolerant resin installations. Watch how the Vuba Moisture Tolerant Binder holds its own, come rain or shine.

Why do I need Moisture Tolerant Resin?

Due to the high level of relative humidity in the UK due to being an island surrounded by sea, it is harder for evaporation to occur and so this results in more precipitation and moisture being formed and stored, in and on your surfaces, which coupled with freezing conditions and changing temperatures, can lead to cracking and damage.

Choosing a resin binder that is designed specifically for the conditions your driveway, path or patio is exposed to is crucial in ensuring the long lifespan of your outdoor surface.

How is Moisture Tolerant Resin Installed?

We install our premium moisture tolerant resin surfaces using the same process as our traditional resin finishes. The key difference is the binding agent used to create this extremely hydrophobic finish.

Groundworks are prepared as usual to ensure they are fully permeable, and surfaces prepared for standard resin surfacing application. Your moisture tolerant resin surface is then ready for light foot traffic within 16-24 hours, and ready for vehicle traffic no sooner than 24-48 hours after installation.

20 Year Warranty

With a premium product comes a premium guarantee. All moisture tolerant premium resin installations come with a 20-year warranty from Dultex Home Improvements as standard, backed by Vuba Resin.

Help your home’s external appearance last a lifetime with our moisture tolerant premium resin, and rest assured knowing our lengthy warranty will have you covered to keep your driveway, path or patio looking brand new.

VUBA Resin Approved Installer

At Dultex Home Improvements we’re proud to be certified as an approved Vuba Resin Bound Surfacing installer, having been assessed and approved in 2021 on our installation of all types of resin bound surfacing installation.

We’re proud to hold this certification and to continue to work with one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of resin bound products, to ensure our finished results are of only the highest quality finish.


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