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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Repair and Restoration

Let us repair and restore your imprinted patterned concrete surfaces to bring your surfaces back to life.

Specialist Imprinted Concrete Cleaning and Restoration

Has your pattern imprinted concrete lost its vibrancy of colour? This naturally happens over time and is caused by sun fading and bleaching, staining and discolouration from oil, solvents or chemicals, and just general dirt and grime build up.

In some cases, if your concrete is left untreated, it can become excessively exposed and lead to structural failure in the concrete, resulting in chipping or crumbling away.

We can repair, reseal and recolour your home’s imprinted concrete to make your driveway, patio, paving and pathways look like new with our specialist three-step imprinted concrete restoration and cleaning process.



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New Legislation Calls for Permeable Driveways

New rules and legislation for home driveways and outdoor surfaces are soon coming into effect. Impermeable surfaces such as block paving, concrete and tarmac will be subject to planning permission and may even risk additional surcharges.

The answer?

Additional drainage systems or choosing permeable driveways, pathways and patios.

We can repair, reseal and recolour your home’s imprinted concrete


High pressure cleaning

First we start off our restoration process with a high pressure cleaning to remove any loose dirt and debris from the surface and within any cracks or fractures in the concrete. Stubborn stains will be treated during this stage, and we use no chemicals here to maintain our eco-friendly practices.

Cracks and minor imperfections repaired

The second stage is to assess the leftover surface to see what base we are working from. Any cracks or imperfections are professionally repaired with great care to maintain the original pattern so it retains uniformity amongst the rest of the surface.


Restoring the colour and finish

Finally, once the pattern has been restored and the concrete is strong and secure once again, we will reseal the concrete for longevity before reapplying the colour to bring back the vibrancy of the finish. This is then finished with a long lasting sealant to protect the surface from harmful UV rays and damage from harsh weather conditions.

How long will it last?

As with most outdoor surfaces, maintenance is key to ensuring the long-term high quality finish.

We recommend having your pattern imprinted concrete resealed every two or three years and can work with you on a maintenance plan to keep your surfaces protected for decades to come.

What is Imprinted Concrete?

Pattern imprinted concrete allows you to create a more enticing look to your outside space but with the same heavy duty, SUDS compliant attributes that you would expect from regular concrete. With pattern imprinted concrete you can achieve a more visually appealing finished result that offers a similar look to block paving, without the extra maintenance.

Imprinted concrete uses pattern mats to leave a block paving pattern on the top layer of the concrete. Rigid mats are placed into the concrete to create old English cobblestone patterns, herringbone designs and much more. The concrete is then treated with a colour surface hardener to achieve the desired look.

Once the pattern is applied and the concrete has hardened, contraction joints are cut into the concrete at areas of high stress to allow crack control, to reduce the likelihood of cracking across the whole of the surface. The joints should be filled with silicone to stop weeds growing and any build up of dirt, stones and rubbish.

Once this is complete, a solvent-based acrylic sealant is applied to aid the durability of the finished imprinted concrete surface. This should be reapplied every 3-5 years to ensure a long-lasting finish.


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