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Resin Bound Driveways

Quality Resin Driveway Installations from your local resin bound driveway specialists covering Devon, Somerset, Cornwall & South Wales

Come home to a house you love and park on a driveway that fills you with pride.

Your driveway is your daily welcome home, so making sure it is looking its best is imperative to maintaining positive mental health and feeling happy where you live.

It’s also the first impression for visitors and neighbours, so making sure your driveway and pathways are in good condition is not only important for appearances, but it also adds real value to your home too.

As resin bound specialists in the South West for decades, we firmly believe that a resin bound driveway is currently the most cost-effective way of creating a driveway that is low maintenance, long lasting and has minimal environmental impact.

Why should I choose a resin bound driveway?

A quality resin bound driveway is created using a mixture of natural aggregates of varying colours and a specially formulated transparent resin that, when cured, produce a stylish hard-landscaping style finish that is permeable, durable and requires minimal maintenance.

The permeable nature of a resin bound surface is eco-friendly, removes pooling and reduces the risk of flooding, as well as removes the risk of cracking in winter unlike more traditional surfacing finishes such as tarmac, concrete or block paving. The result is an attractive finish in a wide range of colours and styles that is non-slip and only requires sweeping, giving you less to worry about and more time to do the things you enjoy.

What’s more, a resin bound driveway is much easier to install than other traditional surfaces. Thanks to minimal groundwork being needed, you can enjoy the cost savings of both initial installation and the maintenance-free nature of the finished result.

How We Work

Throughout the whole job, we understand that you’re going to have questions. We’re here to reassure you throughout the entire job and answer any questions you may have.

Here is how a typical resin quote and installation goes from start to finish so you know what to expect from how we work.

Free Quote & Site Survey
Your Quote & Timeline
Preparation of Existing Surfaces
Resin Installation
Job Done

Free Quote & Site Survey

Our experienced, reliable team will meet you at your property to discuss and carry out a free survey of the site. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about our work, the process and for us to be able to provide your free no-obligation quote.

We will be assessing:

  • Existing ground type
  • Drainage

We’ll have an open, friendly discussion with you based on what we think can be achieved in line with your ideas and vision, while offering our advice on what is most cost-effective and the realities of the project.

Your Quote & Timeline

At this point we’ll discuss with you a realistic timeframe for us to be able to start the project, and an estimate on how long it will take for us to complete.

We’ll then discuss finer details, and will return for a further more in-depth survey if required, while also carrying out a risk assessment for the team.

Preparation of Existing Surfaces

A quality finish on any resin driveway, path or patio installation, or any type of exterior property work, is only as good as the initial existing surface that it is installed upon.

We take the time to ensure all existing surfaces are clean, free from contamination and that excavation and groundwork repairs are carried out to a suitable finish in order to achieve the results that meet your high expectations.

Resin Installation

Once the groundworks have been completed, drainage has been taken care of if required, and all the necessary preparation has been carried out to suitable standards, the sub base is then laid in accordance to the specification outlined in the original quotation.

After this, the real transformation begins. Now that the sub-base is perfected it’s time to mix your chosen aggregate and our specially formulated resin to be able to lay on top and create that smooth, picture-perfect finish. You’ll be able to see the mixture before installation to make sure you’re still happy with your selection – our team of experts will advise you on how different it can look in a small batch versus on a larger scale.

Our experienced team will ensure your resin and aggregate mixture is laid uniformly and adheres to the correct depths stipulated by manufacturers to ensure a quality finish that stands the test of time.

Job Done

When your resin driveway, path or patio is complete we’ll cordon off the area and advise you not to walk on the surface for at least 12 hours. Vehicles must wait a further 60 hours minimum (we recommend three days total starting from the day after installation).

All clean up is carried out so that your property looks like nobody was ever there.

After this, we’ll check back in with you to make sure the finish is as it should be, and that you’re entirely satisfied with the final result.

NEW! Moisture Tolerant Premium Resin

Guarantee the long lifespan of your driveway, path or patio with our new moisture tolerant premium resin – perfectly formulated for outdoor surfaces across the UK.

Read More

VubaMac: Flood Resistant Paving

The ultimate solution for flood-resistant paving that revolutionises traditional construction methods.

VubaMac is a flexible and highly durable environmentally friendly base designed for resin bound surfacing. Utilising 100% recycled aggregates and renewable binders, VubaMac not only reduces environmental impact but also addresses pressing issues like CO2 emissions from concrete and VOC emissions from asphalt.

Why have a resin bound driveway installed?

Treat your home to the best product for less than the alternatives and enjoy a long-lasting driveway with Dultex Home Improvements.


Low Maintenance – Natural Materials – Fully SUDS Compliant

Resin bound driveways, paths and patios allow a high-end look that is virtually maintenance free. Your surface is easily kept clean and looking good as new with a simple sweep. What’s more, all of our resin bound finishes are UV stable, so there is no worry about fading too.

We firmly believe that a resin bound surface for your driveway, patios, paths or other outside surfaces are currently the most cost-effective, low-maintenance and long lasting way of creating an outside surface for your home.

Highest Quality Resin Installation Guaranteed

All of our resin bound installations are completed using only the highest quality resin aggregates and materials, working with leading brands such as Vuba to offer over 150 different colours and finishes to give your home a high-end look.


Lifetime Warranty on our Resin Installations – 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We use only the highest quality resin aggregates and products and are able to offer these at competitive, affordable prices thanks to our partnerships with leading manufacturers, including Vuba. It’s these top resin suppliers that give us the confidence to provide an outstanding service to all of our clients, domestic and commercial, and allow us to boast our offering of a lifetime guarantee on all of our resin bound installations.

Eco-Friendly Finish

In our current climate, we need to be aware of our impact on the environment. A resin bound surface not only looks stylish and is low maintenance, but is also eco-friendly in nature. All of our materials used are natural and responsibly sourced, and because all of our installations are fully SUDS compliant, a resin bound path, driveway or surface is permeable in nature allowing the water to drain back into the groundwater – minimising the impact on the environment.

Glow in the Dark Driveways

Let your driveway guide you home with our unique glow in the dark resin driveway technology.

This dazzling, bespoke finish is stylish yet offers that extra wow factor for that statement design piece to show off your home and outside space.

Glow in the dark driveways offer all of the same great benefits of our normal resin bound driveway surfaces but with an added flow that is visually stunning. This is achieved by mixing white stones with any other aggregate of your choice to suit the design style of your home. As the sun shines down on your resin driveway in the day, the energy is absorbed by the sun into these special white stones in the mixture, which then radiator the energy out at night in the form of light to create that glowing effect.

We’ve had many of our customers use glow in the dark resin for pathways around their gardens as an alternative to needing outdoor light along their paths, or as driveways to their home to avoid the need for motion detecting lighting or solar powered lights which go dim after just a few hours.

It’s a really effective eco-friendly solution which not only saves you money on energy bills from lighting, but also by the very nature of the eco-friendly resin bound design.

Make your outside space sparkle and get that new house glow with our glow in the dark driveways. Speak to us today to find out more!

Is a Resin Driveway the right choice for me?

To put it simply, yes! A resin bound surface is suitable for almost all ground types and can be installed for much less than many other traditional hard landscaping surfaces, while boasting minimal maintenance requirements, anti-stain and anti-slip properties plus a huge choice in finishes to match your home and create the style you’re looking to achieve.

Treat your home to the best product for less than the alternatives and enjoy a long-lasting driveway with Dultex Home Improvements.

100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We believe in our products and our expert team so much that we’re proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our resin bound driveways and installations.

Let Dultex Home Improvements transform your home with a resin bound driveway today. Get in touch with our friendly, experienced team for your free quotation and bring new life to your home.

Colour Chart

A resin driveway can be created in all colours of the rainbow to suit your property style.


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