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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Restoration

Repair, Revive, Reseal – The Three R’s of Restoring your Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveways, paving and patios.

Do you love your current patterned concrete outside surfaces but worry about them looking tired, unsightly or becoming a safety hazard to your day to day life outside of your home?

You’re not alone. Over many years your well-loved pattern imprinted driveway or path will naturally begin to show signs of wear, losing its protective seal and potentially suffering cracks and craters through harsh UK winters.

The good news is – this can be repaired and brought back to life!

At Dultex Home Improvements we specialise in restoring your pattern imprinted concrete driveways, paths and patios to bring them back to life looking good as new.


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New Legislation Calls for Permeable Driveways

New rules and legislation for home driveways and outdoor surfaces are soon coming into effect. Impermeable surfaces such as block paving, concrete and tarmac will be subject to planning permission and may even risk additional surcharges.

The answer?

Additional drainage systems or choosing permeable driveways, pathways and patios.

How does it work?

Our specialist team will initially assess the current state of the concrete before selecting what plan of action is most effective for the job at hand.

Repair, Revive, Reseal

The process usually involves breaking down the existing concrete surface using environmentally friendly chemicals with a high-powered pressure washer. This then gives us access to the concrete (while removing any loose crumbling concrete) so that the area is prepped ready for repair and so we can take a sample in order to create a closely matched resin mix for use in the repair.

Once this is made, we can then repair chips and cracks in the concrete, using moulds where required, in order to restore the patterned concrete to match the existing design.

Once the repair is complete we will reseal the concrete using a UV protective coating which will protect the surface going forwards and stop the new concrete from fading.

The result – a finished product that looks in-keeping with the existing surface which we’ll go over in its entirety to look as good as new. Your outside space will be transformed back to the day you first had your pattern imprinted concrete installed for a fraction of the price it would cost to lay a whole new surface.

Why choose Dultex Home Improvements for my pattern imprinted concrete restoration and repair?

We have 20 years of experience in restoring pattern imprinted concrete for customers across Devon and Somerset. Our specialist team understands that replacing your entire outdoor surface is an expensive option when a repair to an otherwise good concrete surface is all that is required.

With our knowledge and experience also comes a friendly smile, a personal approach and a reliable attitude. We will endeavour to work within and ahead of your timeframes while meeting your budget and requirements.

What’s more, we’re fully insured for complete peace of mind and all of our work comes with a 10 year guarantee.
Our prices are highly competitive too. We’re happy to offer FREE no-obligation quotations for all fascia, soffit and guttering work and we’re confident that after speaking to us, you’ll feel confident in your choice of Dultex Home Improvements for your pattern imprinted concrete restoration and repair work.


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