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Composite Fencing and Gates

Are you tired of the upkeep that timber fencing and gates require? Then look no further than Composite Fencing and gates installed by Dultex Home Improvements across Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, and Somerset, for a fuss-free and time-conserving solution.

What are Composite Fencing and Gates?

Fast becoming the number one choice for discerning homeowners, composite fencing and gates are the very latest in garden improvements. Constructed from a mixture of plastic and real wood, composite fencing and gates offer homeowners the classic look of real wood, with the practicality of strength and durability, thanks to the inclusion of plastic. Unlike traditional timber fencing and gates which need an annual treatment of stain or paint, composite fencing and gates are virtually maintenance free, saving you time and effort over and over again.

Low Maintenance

Composite fencing and gates come in a variety of colours and are highly UV resistant, so there is none of the laborious upkeep required that you may have been used to with timber fencing.

All it needs to keep it looking its best is a wash down every once in a while to keep mould at bay. Composite fencing and gates also come with the added perk of quick installation, so you get a finished result right away.


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New Legislation Calls for Permeable Driveways

New rules and legislation for home driveways and outdoor surfaces are soon coming into effect. Impermeable surfaces such as block paving, concrete and tarmac will be subject to planning permission and may even risk additional surcharges.

The answer?

Additional drainage systems or choosing permeable driveways, pathways and patios.

Fuss-free and time-conserving solution

Eco credentials

Composite fencing and gates are made using a mix of recycled timber and plastics, and as composite is long lasting and very low maintenance, it’s less likely to need to be replaced, unlike timber panels which need to be replaced more frequently.

Composite’s hard wearing and weather resistant properties make it much more eco friendly in the long run than traditional timber solutions.

Hard wearing

Warped and twisted fence panels are a thing of the past with composite fencing and gates, benefitting from extra strength over traditional timber due to the added plastic.

Due to this, composite is also extremely rot and mould resistant, which adds to its edge appeal. Composite is hard wearing and much more resilient against the elements than timber fencing, with estimates that fences can last around 20 years and gates, 30-50 years, if looked after properly.

Available in a choice of traditional and modern styles, you can choose fencing or gates that will enhance the landscape of your home for many years to come.


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