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Exterior Painting & Protection

Protect the exterior of your property and keep it looking as good as new.

The exterior of your property makes an important first impression. Not just to visitors, but to you and your family who return home each day. Coming home to an inviting property exterior will help you feel happy and give you pride in where you live.

It’s not just aesthetics either. Ensuring the exterior paintwork of your home is kept looking its best also means its protecting your asset too.

The exterior paint on your home acts as the first line of defence against the harsh weather conditions your house, bungalow or flat is exposed to – particularly in winter.

A professional exterior painting job by Dultex Home Improvements will leave your property looking its best while maintaining protection for years to come.


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New Legislation Calls for Permeable Driveways

New rules and legislation for home driveways and outdoor surfaces are soon coming into effect. Impermeable surfaces such as block paving, concrete and tarmac will be subject to planning permission and may even risk additional surcharges.

The answer?

Additional drainage systems or choosing permeable driveways, pathways and patios.

How do I know if my home exterior requires painting?

If paint is flaking from your brickwork or wooden surrounds, or render is beginning crumble then it’s time to repaint. Many people think its better to wait until the problem gets worse before rectifying the paint work, but the longer it is left the more prep work is required to be able to re-paint – effectively costing you more money by waiting.

Our method of exterior painting and decorating

Like all painting and decorating jobs across all industries – a quality finish comes from quality, thorough preparation.

Whether we’re tending to exterior paint on brickwork and masonry, render and uPVC, woodwork and fences or paint on metal railings and ironwork, our attention to detail on preparation is always paramount.

A stable base is required and so any repairs needed are assessed and undertaken as first port of call. Using our wide range of property maintenance skills and experience we will, if needs be, remove cracked and peeling paint, treat or replaced damaged woodwork, reseal sealants if required and fill or repair cracks in brickwork or render. Only once this is done do we then ensure the surface is fully stripped and clean ready for good paint adhesion and to achieve the desired finish.

We use the best paints and materials that we’ve found to be cost-effective and give a long-lasting finish during our years of experience, so that you get a quality finished product for an excellent price.

Why choose Dultex Home Improvements?

For over 20 years we have completed exterior painting, decorating and exterior renovation jobs in homes and businesses across Devon and Somerset. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to advise you, the customer, on what steps to take to ensure your home is protected and kept looking its best.

With our knowledge and experience comes a friendly smile, a personal approach and a reliable attitude. We will endeavour to work within and ahead of your timeframes while meeting your budget and requirements. What’s more, we’re fully insured for complete peace of mind and our work comes with a guarantee.

Our prices are highly competitive too. We’re happy to offer FREE no-obligation quotations for all exterior painting and decorating work and we’re confident that after speaking to us, you’ll feel confident in your choice of Dultex Home Improvements.


0800 696 5401
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